MOtoNMS (matlab MOtion data elaboration TOolbox for NeuroMusculoSkeletal applications) is a freely available toolbox that aims at providing a complete tool for post-processing of movement data for their use in neuromusculoskeletal software.

MOtoNMS has been design to be flexible and highly configurable, to satisfy the requests of different research groups. Users can easily setup their own laboratory and processing procedures, without constraints in instruments, software, protocols, and methodologies, everything without any change in the MATLAB code.

MOtoNMS also improves the data organization, providing a clear structure of input data and automatically generating output directories.

The authors’ hope is that MOtoNMS may be useful to the research community, reducing the gap between experimental data from motion analysis and musculoskeletal simulation software, and uniforming data processing methods across laboratories.

Please help us in maintaining and updating the toolbox. You can provide feedback, comments, suggestions, and new modules using any of the following channels: