Multi-Body Systems Benchmark in OpenSim (MBS-BOS)


MBS-BOS package is a set of programs that implement the MultiBody Systems (MBS) Benchmark [GDLC06] using the OpenSim [DAA+07] APIs.

The first objective is to assess OpenSim performances in simulating mechanical and robotic devices both in terms of accuracy and solving time.

The second objective is to provide C++ solutions for common problems that can be found in the implementation of simulations of multi-body systems.

If you use MBS-BOS for research work, please cite:

L. Tagliapietra, M. Vivian, R. Caracciolo, and M. Reggiani. Evaluation of the biomechanical simulator OpenSim on a multi-body system benchmark. In Proceedings of the 2015 ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Multibody Dynamics, Barcelona, July 2015 (2015)

Latest Version

MBS-BOS is an open project, released under GNU General Public License and hosted in GitHub:

A PDF version of this documentation can be found also on the page of this project:


MBS Benchmarks in Opensim have been developed by the Rehabilitation Engineering Group, Dipartimento di Tecnica e Gestione dei Sistemi Industriali, Universita’ degli Studi di Padova.

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Luca Tagliapietra, Michele Vivian, Monica Reggiani, and Elena Ceseracciu acknowledge the financial support of the ICT programme within the Seventh Framework Programme for Research of the European Commission (BioMot project, grant number: 611695).

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